An outing at Nohoch

The team took a day to head to Nohoch Nah Chich, a beautiful cenote located just north of Tulum, to work on configuring some new camera equipment. We wanted to do some testing with the new Sony A7R IV rig, as we continue to tune it for the work ahead.

Part of Sistema Sac Actun, the second-longest underwater cave system on earth, Nohoch is a well-known cenote, and has a remarkable “open water” area as well as a large “cavern” zone – making it worth a visit for swimmers and cave divers alike.

Open water” is somewhere you can surface from a dive into open air, and a “cavern zone” is when you’re in an underwater cave, but can still see natural light.

Which makes it a perfect place for chasing beautiful light, and testing new equipment.

Here are some of the photos we captured.